The year was again spent in Paris. I drizzled wine over my notebook, then painting the spirit of the spirit. I worked on fables for 100 Facts including miniature paintings of a cat king that haunts me and sits on that book's cover. I guached up the avatars of Young Geoffrion and my own, Pighed Stonecutter. I continued to avoid computers.

Punkin Dreamers (Bordeaux Spill), Paris

Stain Man (Bordeaux Spill), Paris

El Sueno (The Dream), Paris

El Sueno (The Dream) - Detail, Paris

Fable: "Girl With No Mouth," Los Angeles

Fable: "The Hand Garden," Los Angeles

Fable: "Blossoms," Los Angeles

Fable: "Blossoms," (Detail)

Untitled (Bordeaux Spill), Paris

Untitled (Pauillac Spill), Paris (

Untitled (Fitou Spill), Paris (

Figure, Female, 08-10-20, Paris

Kat King 01, Paris

Kat King 02, Paris

Aztec, Paris

Young Geoffrion, Paris

Pighed Stonecutter (Self Portrait), Paris