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Prints, originals, and commissions are available. I also do book illustrations, cover illustrations, and album art. Please contact me if you'd like a work portfolio. For the prints, most prices are below the image of the paintings themselves. The prints are UltraChrome HDR, printed on an eleven-ink Epson Stylus Pro, basically a high-octane giclée print.

Prints vary in size, but are generally around 15" x 18". The posters are twice the size of prints. We can get these in the mail a day or two from when we receive the order. From there we have options on value.

  • Signed: For an extra $10 I'll sign it, on the back of the print itself. This certifies that its an original from me (because you can print many of these yourself, if you want to save money or hastle).
  • Modified: After signing it I can also modify the print so that it is a painting as well as a print. Simply put, I paint on it. This makes it a unique piece, more like a painting, less like a photo. Is it an original then? Yeah, kinda. It's a funny in-between space since, after all, these prints come from original ink work anyway.
  • Framed: If you've gone far enough to have it signed and modified, then I might as well frame it for you. When we frame a piece we do it with a bright white matte, beveled edges, and a warm (usually) black mahogany frame. Sometimes, depending on how I feel I'll pick a slightly different frame, but I tend to avoid bright pinks and oranges. Seriously, they're just different hues of black or brown. All frames are hand-built by professional framers, custom made to the image, with hard backing and mounts, sealing the image in via archival paper tape which is protected in a backing (See image below). I always inspect it before shipping it to you. We try to use UV glass when possible, but prints should generally be kept out of direct sunlight. If I find myself in a strange corner of the world, and can't find UV glass, we'll get back to you and ask for your preference. In any case framing it will take a little longer.
  • Original: This is the watercolor or ink or whatever it was that started the image. These are usually quite different from what you find online, so I would suggest you email me first to get an image of it before buying it. They are black and white and often quite primitive. Some folks prefer like to have them in addition to the print, and usually these folks also have a copy of the book.
If you're not happy with it when you get it, send it back with a note explaining why, and if we can't fix, it we'll reimburse your money.

Due to shipping prices and customs process the prices outside the US are higher (usually around an additional $75).

Please contact me if you have questions or if there is something you're not finding priced on the site. Thanks.