Mark Stephen Meadows
mail [at] markmeadows dot com

I'm a designer, entrepreneur, author, and inventor. I'm interested in how connected systems (robots, avatars, appliances) can communicate via natural language.

Here's my CV

For the last twenty years I've worked in virtual reality, character design, natural language processing, animation, interactive narrative, artificial intelligence and games. I've founded three companies pursuing these interests. I'm also a feral adventurer, baffled father, content husband, and licensed USCG 100 ton captain.

(Available for speaking engagements, workshops and interviews on a wide range of topics pertaining to AI, Natural Language, robots, avatars, blockchain, and 3D/virtual reality.)

I was born on the Mississippi Delta and raised in the Rocky Mountains. Over the past forty years I've tried to see as much of the world as I can, talk with as many people as possible, and explore the ends of the earth before I find my own. So far so good. I've sung poetry with robots in Tokyo, had tea with terrorists in Sri Lanka, and celebrated Christmas 2000 in Bethlehem with the PLO. I hitch-hiked to war-torn Baghdad in 2003 where I delivered letters, money, and watched museums burn under the full moon. I lived in a little art gallery in Paris, scaled buildings, explored catacombs, and drank a lot of red wine. I met my wife hitch-hiking in Corsica, then I met her by chance again in Paris, then I married her in Las Vegas. We now live on our sailboat with two sons. I've sailed four of the seven seas and I'm a USCG certified captain. I can speak English, French, and Spanish. I think I'm only getting started, and wish I had 200 years to live.

My website is Send me a note. I'd love to hear from you.

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