This book is about Mexico, the United States, and drugs. It is a first-person, non-fiction sailing adventure. Richly illustrated with photographs, maps, paintings, and found scraps the book includes interviews with narcotrafficantes, fishermen, gangsters, farmers, sailors, police, resort owners, the military, and others. The book is about drugs, war, ecology, guns, culture, Mexican-Americans, American-Mexicans, and how today's tourists are tomorrow's conquistadors.

This book is approximately eighty percent complete and is not yet published.

I've lived on a boat in Mexico for three years. In that time I've sailed every mile of Mexico's west coast, much of it following the 16th-century conquistador that discovered California. Essays on some of my travels can be read in the days section of this website. These essays set up some of the first-draft foundations and research is now going into finalizing the project.

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