Paris France, 1 October, 2005

i lived in paris for a couple of years and learned a culture that holds some of the most friendly, curious, and kind people i've met. what i didn't love was the claustrophobia which some might feel comfortable, but which i, fluttering california nomad, found unbearable. i need sun and large open tracts of space, like many americans.

life in paris is underground.

my solution to this ill feeling was to take photographs of the sky, which i called "hedspace". despite the fact that my love affair with madame ancienne was a little dented due to my emotional needs, i've missed her terribly and i haven't been back in over a year. during that time i've had some creeping unconscious fret that paris would go away. that she would evaporate, or mysteriously be swallowed by the earth; a terranian Atlantis with tip of the eiffel tower sinking slowly into a field... or something.

the eiffel tower will go away since, finally, everything goes away, but eventually i realized that it was I who would go away, and not paris. of course it was then that i became hungry for her and went out into her streets in a leaking frenzy, visiting my old ghost-memories that each haunt the corners of the city of light and dark.

i had 24 hours in paris and i used them like a machine. i drove them like i would a car, late for an appointment with god.

the rules of the game were like so:

24 hours, 24 pictures.

café avec etienne: 18:42

cimetière du montmartre, 20:57:

rue andre antoinne, 23:20

rue androuët, 23:38

rue androuët, 23:39

rue des trois frères, 23:55

couloir, 01:20

moi dans l'ascenseur, 01:21

rue de generalle lasalle, 09:36

station republique, 09:51

cafe bastille (avec amélie), 10:16

colonne du bastille (encore avec amélie), 12:04

ludovic duchateau, 13:18

metro, ligne 2, 13:32

boulevard st. martin, 14:40

rue château d'eau / lancry, 14:55

quai de jemmapes / rue faubourg du temple, 15:22

quai de jemmapes / rue faubourg du temple, 15:24

place du république, 15:32

place du république, 15:33

station auber, 16:28

train b3, 16:50

train b3, 17:10

aéroport charles-de-gaulle / roissy: 18:32