Singapore, November 2004

sing a song of singapore,
a town where no grime is found 'neath the skin.
sing a song of singapore,
switzerland's squeaky-clean and asian kin.

i don't have a lot to say about singapore. it's where you go to work and work sterile, no less. it's a business-man thing. automation's taken clamp-hold of the soul of the place and while you can bring gum into the country it's illegal to sell it. it's an asian version of switzerland.
one of the main reasons that i don't have much to say about it is because i wasn't there for long. i basically spent a day getting lost on the metro and then relying on kind (and busy) locals to untangle my path.

Population: 4.4m
Ethnicities: Chinese 76.7%, Malay 14%, Indian 7.9%, other 1.4%
Industries: Financial 49%, Manufacturing 18%, Transportation and Communication 11%, Other 22%
Landline Telephone Users: 1.9m
Mobile Telephone users: 3.6m
Internet users: 3.2m
Xbox Console users: 750,000
Number of persons arrested: 23,843
Cases involving robbery and theft of cellphones: 2,975
Cases involving robbery and theft of Gaming Consoles: 475